Connect Session - September 2021

Saturday 11 September

We heard you.
You want to keep connecting with each other through our “Zoom” sessions. 

One of our goals with Montessori Everywhere is to connect with our global Montessori community and challenge our practices.
You loved the Zoom sessions at our celebration for Dr Montessori's 150th birthday in 2020 where we connected with Montessori friends from around the globe. So we have created the “Connect series 2021".

Every month we will host a Zoom meet up to connect, challenge and celebrate with each other. We'll have a short introduction to our topic, go into breakout rooms where you get to share your knowledge and learn from others, and then come back as a group to share our reflections.

Join us for the next Connect session on Saturday 11 September

The next Connect session will be held on Saturday 11 September. There will be two sessions - come to both, come to just one! It’s up to you.

All welcome - educators, parents and care-givers, schools, training organisations, administrators, and anyone interested in the Montessori approach.

Session 1
Date: Saturday 11 September
Time: 10am ET/3pm BST/4pm Central Europe Time/IST 7:30pm/12 midnight AEST
Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: free OR $15 donation to the Black Montessori Education Fund

Session 2
Date: Saturday 11 September
Time: 6pm ET/11pm BST/12am Central Europe Time/IST 3:30am/8am AEST
Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: free OR $15 donation to the Black Montessori Education Fund

Our topic for Saturday 11 September
Inspired by the Challenge Pavilion discussions which took place on 30 August 2020, we are focusing on the pillars of Montessori's triad: the adult, the environment and the child, and a fourth session which will focus on the space created by the connecting lines between these tenets. We called this space 'Community'.
For our discussion on Saturday 11 September, we will discuss “The Adult”. You can (re)-watch the panel discussion HERE in preparation.

What are the Connect sessions?
One of the positive things to come out of 2020 is the ease of being able to jump into a Zoom room with people near and far and the opportunity to be in dialogue with other people interested in the Montessori approach.
The Connect sessions are an opportunity for you to go into breakout rooms to dialogue with others. You will meet and learn from Montessori friends all over the globe. 

The sessions will be 1 - 1.5 hours. There will be an introduction by a Guide to our topic for the session and then we will go into break out rooms where you get to listen, learn and discuss with others. We close the session with reflections from the facilitators and Guide.

Upcoming session dates

Mark your calendars for the rest of the 2021 Connect series:

Saturday 11 September - the Adult
Saturday 20 November - the Community
December BREAK

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